The Adaptive Organization
A Benchmark of Changing Approaches to Project Management

Today’s projects have high rates of change, complexity, and risk. Many organizations are turning to adaptive approaches to project management (which include agile, iterative, and incremental methods) to manage these projects. They are often in addition to, or as a hybrid with, more traditional predictive (or waterfall) project management approaches.

This study seeks to discover to what degree organizations employ adaptive approaches in their project management practices, as well as their impact on project and organizational outcomes, to determine whether there are best practices and, if so, what they are.

Additionally, in the search for speed and flexibility, organizations are testing new tools and strategies to improve business outcomes. Two of these, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and the implementation of Project Management as a Service (PMaaS), are also covered in this research. The survey is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide, Seventh Edition

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